The conservatory of your dreams

A well planned, designed and constructed conservatory is one of the most desired of all home improvement, the perfect place to watch the seasons change. The most flexible of spaces capable of use as a lounge, kitchen, and dining room in fact anything you desire. The only way to ensure that your conservatory is the space you always dreamed of and usable all year round, is to ensure this most complex home improvement is left to the professionals.

At Cowen Windows we have the expertise to advise on the ideal location, design considerations, roof type, planning where appropriate, type of glazing and window energy ratings, ventilation and heating  – get any of these aspects wrong and your conservatory may fail to become your dream room.

When it comes to design you have a wide range of main options – the simple Lean too, the half round Victorian, the rectangular Edwardian, or the combination conservatory such as the P or T shape. These designs are enhanced by dwarf walls or fully glazed frames. The Orangery is another design of conservatory that is growing in popularity. Typically with solid pillars, tall glazed windows and partially glazed roof.

Contrary to popular opinion UPV-C is proven to be extremely environmentally friendly with frames lasting forty years and with a capability to be recycled over 10 times – that’s a lifespan of 400 years.

To ensure that your conservatory is everything you desire you should choose a fabricator and installer with the professional expertise that only specialist conservatory companies possess. Cowen Windows, a Network VEKA member, offers outstanding quality, value and guarantees that safeguard the consumer throughout the process.

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