Composite Doors

Your entrance doors should be the focal point of your home; they should be warm and welcoming, stylish and functional. They should also act as a physical barrier to the weather and any unwanted visitors.

For this reason Cowen Windows also offer a high quality composite residential door. This door looks and feels like a quality hardwood door but will not split or warp, will never need sanding, priming and painting and will retain its as new appearance year after year. A Cowen composite door will also add value to your property.

All doors are built to last with a hard wearing GRP skin mounted onto a rigid frame and filled with a high performance thermal foam.

Entrance doors are the focal point of any home; they should be stylish, warm and welcoming to all visitors. But they should also act as a physical barrier to the uninvited, that’s why Amulet doors come with only the finest hardware and door furniture fitted as standard – Amulet is the ideal balance between strength and beauty.

Look at these features benefits:

  • Vast range of Designs – With a vast range of design, colour, glazing and hardware your there will always be a style to suit your home.
  • Looks and feels just like timber – comes with a woodgrain look and feel that is indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Weatherproof – This door offers built in weather seals and will not split or warp so your doors stays wind and watertight.
  • Low maintenance – this door will never require painting, it will retain an as new appearance year after year, so you can forget the annual cycle of priming and painting. The occasional wipe over with a damp cloth is all that is required.
  • Energy Saving – is a thermally efficient high density door, with a super efficient insulation inner core
  • Quality Hardware – This ensures that your will stand up to the everyday use of a bust family our doors are built to last.
  • Totally secure – The Cowen composite door will keep out driving wind and rain, reduce unwanted noise and unwanted visitors. The doors are completed with an array of advance security mechanisms
  • Environmentally friendly – There is little timber used in a high technology composite door. Advanced GRP technology is used to produce a door that will outlast conventional timber doors; so you will need fewer replacements throughout the life of your home.
  • 10 Year Guarantee – All our doors carry a 10 year performance guarantee for total reassurance.